Planning & Zoning

The City of Lodi contracts with the MSA Professional Services for the services of a Zoning Administrator. Andrew Bremer is the city’s Zoning Administrator and is responsible for facilitating Plan Commission meetings and the review of planning and zoning applications. Questions regarding planning and zoning applications or issues can be directed to the Zoning Administrator. All planning and zoning applications should be submitted to the City Clerk along with the associated fee.

Rezoning Application

A petition to change the zoning district boundaries and maps requires Plan Commission and City Council approval. Please contact Andrew Bremer, Zoning Administrator to discuss the process prior to completing the Rezoning Application.

Conditional Use

A conditional use permit is a zoning exception that allows a property owner to use their land in a manner not otherwise permitted by zoning law. Please contact Andrew Bremer, Zoning Administrator, to discuss the process prior to completing the Conditional Use Permit Application.

​Design Review

New construction, additions, and remodeling for commercial, industrial, institutional, two-family residential and multiple-family residential uses must comply with the Design Guideline Ordinance. Apply for a review with the Architectural Design Review Application.

Land Divisions

When it is proposed to divide land into at least two but no more than four parcels (any more than four parcels is considered a subdivision plat) a completed Land Division Application, and a certified survey map, must go before the Plan Commission and City Council.

Sign Requests

New and replacement signage must be approved by the Zoning Administrator. A Sign Permit Application must be completed and filed with the Zoning Administrator.

Variance Application

When a person cannot be granted a building or use permit for their property because the proposed building or use will not comply with the zoning, you may apply for a variance by completing a Land Variance Application.

PUD Application

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is intended to encourage more efficient use of land. Please contact the Zoning Administrator to discuss the process prior to completing the PUD Application.