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Posted on: July 28, 2022

Lodi Police Department Advises Address Numbers Be Visible and Prominent

Prominent address number displayed with text Police Department Advises Address Numbers Be Visible

In an emergency, the Lodi Area Fire Department, the Lodi EMS, the Lodi Police Department, and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department depend on address numbers to find businesses and residences as quickly as possible. Finding a residence, especially at night, can be challenging if address numbers are unreadable, hidden, not lit, or have missing numbers. “Not having readable numbers could delay first responders,” said Wayne Smith, Lodi Police Department Chief of Police. “If you can’t see your house numbers from the street, neither can first responders.”

Use the following list of questions to check if your address number is visible:
  1. Are address numbers visible from the street?
  2. Are address numbers set on a background of contrasting colors?
  3. Are address numbers on a visible fence, gate, or mailbox if the home or business is hidden from the street?
  4. Are mobile home residences or businesses identified with an address number?
  5. Does the address number face the street named in the location's address if the business or residence is located on a corner?
The address numbers of your residence or business are not visible if you answered no to any of the questions. Some tips and recommendations for a more visible and clear address number include:
  • The address number should be legible and placed in a position that is visible from the street or road in front of the property. 
  • Address numbers should be block numbers and not spelled out. For example, 1030 instead of One Thousand Thirty.
  • Address numbers should be placed on a contrasting background.
  • Repair or replace aging address numbers and placards, especially on mailboxes that are a distance from the front of the residence.
  • Prune any bushes, tree limbs, or other growth that has covered the address number.
  • Address numbers should be placed beside the front door. Otherwise, place the address numbers on a post, a fence, or other sign so it can be clearly seen from the street if the front door is not easily seen from the street.
Chief Wayne Smith also wants to emphasize the importance of address numbers that are prominently placed and are contrasting colors. He states, “Try to keep address numbers prominently placed and a contrasting color from the background. A brown painted number against a brown wall is tough for first responders to see.”

Any questions or concerns about address number visibility can be directed to the Lodi Police Department.

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