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Posted on: March 12, 2021

Gay Street Reconstruction Project

Road Improvement Project

The city, in conjunction with a Wisconsin Department of Transportation LRIP grant program, is reconstructing Gay Street with the inclusion of a walking path. 

The project will consist of removing and installing new asphalt pavement, curb & gutter, water main, and sanitary sewer. It is scheduled to begin March 16, 2021.

Please see the frequently asked questions listed below. Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to Director of Operations, Terry Weter or City Engineer from MSA Professional Services, Kathy Jennings.

1. Where is the project?
Gay Street, from Hwy 113 to Chestnut Street.

2. What work is being done?

  • Sanitary sewer main and service lateral replacement.
  • Water main and service lateral replacement.
  • Storm Sewer replacement.
  • Roadway excavation and base course
  • Concrete curb and gutter
  • Asphalt paving
  • Sidewalk removal (east side)
  • 6 ft wide concrete sidewalk (west side)
  • Turf restoration

3. What is the schedule for the proposed project?
The contractor (Woleske Construction) is going to mobilize March 15th and start work on March 16th. The contractor plans to have the project paved by the middle of May.

4. Will sidewalk on my street be replaced?
The existing sidewalk on the east side of the roadway will be removed. As part of this project, the City is going to install on the west side of Gay Street a six-foot wide concrete sidewalk that will run the entire length of the road. Intersection ramps and detectable warning fields will be installed.

5. Will there be landscaping associated with this project?
The terrace areas will be seeded and mulched where disturbed. It is acceptable for property owners to water the terrace area in front their property area if they so choose.

6. How is the project paid for?
The City will assess 50% of the proposed curb & gutter to the property owner. The City, sewer, and water utilities have budgeted to fund the balance of the project.

7. How will the project affect access to my driveway?
Generally, the contractor will be required to provide access to homes at the end of the working day and on weekends. As with any construction project, there may be periods when driveways are inaccessible, such as when underground utilities are being installed, or while concrete curb and gutter or sidewalks are being installed. Vehicles will be prohibited from crossing the curbs, aprons, or sidewalks during this 7-10 day curing period. Have vehicles out before 7:00 a.m. Persons with special needs should inform the City or the Engineer if accommodations are needed during construction.

8. Will access for emergency vehicles be maintained?
Yes, the contractor will be required to accommodate emergency vehicles at all times.

9. Will mail be delivered during construction?
Mail delivery will be maintained. Property owners are encouraged to make arrangements to pick up their mail at the post office during construction as delivery may be difficult at times.

10. How will garbage/recycling be handled during construction?
This service may vary from week to week as construction changes and progresses. If the garbage and recycling trucks are not able to access the pick-up points, the City and contractor will coordinate to pick up the garbage and recyclables by moving them to the end of the street for the trucks to pick up. Please mark your cart with your address so the contractor knows where to return them.

11. Will any work take place on private property?
The contractor may need to do limited work on private property near the street right-or-way to repair sidewalk or to match existing grades. The contractor will be responsible for restoring any areas of private property disturbed by construction operations to a condition as good, or better than before the construction.

12. Will water service be interrupted?
Water service may be interrupted for short periods of time during various stages of the water main installation. The contractor will be required to notify all residents prior to any planned interruption of water service. Interruptions to water service exceeding eight hours or overnight will not be permitted. There may be situations where an inadvertent shut-down becomes necessary. The contractor and the City will notify residents and resume service as quickly as possible.

13. Will sanitary sewer service be interrupted?
Sanitary sewer service will be maintained at all times in areas of sanitary sewer replacement. The contractor will be required to notify all residents 24 hours prior to any extended interruption of sanitary sewer service.

14. Private Utilities
MG&E is planning on replacing some of their facilities in the project area. They will complete the replacement of the gas lines prior to the start of the construction project.

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