Which vehicles are subject to the fee?
An automobile or a motor truck registered under 8,000 pounds gross weight and customarily kept in the City of Lodi. This includes:

- Automobiles, vans, and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) that qualify as a passenger vehicle.
- Motor trucks and dual-purpose motor homes (trucks that can be equipped with a slide-in
camper unit) registered at a gross weight of 8,000 pounds or less.

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1. When was Wisconsin Legislation passed to allow this fee?
2. Who collects the fee?
3. How is the fee collected?
4. What is the purpose of the fee?
5. When and how was this fee enacted?
6. Are there any administrative costs?
7. What is the cost of the fee?
8. Which vehicles are subject to the fee?
9. Are any vehicles exempt?
10. When will this fee be added to my vehicle registration fee?
11. My vehicle is not located in the City of Lodi. Why did I receive this fee?
12. How will the City of Lodi use the money collected by this fee?
13. What is the policy for refunds and proration?
14. Where can I find additional information on this fee?