Are any vehicles exempt?
Some vehicles are exempt from the vehicle registration fee. This includes:

- Buses, motorcycles, mopeds, motor homes, low-speed vehicles and trailers.
- Trucks registered at more than 8,000 pounds or registered as Farm or Dual Purpose Farm.
- Vehicles registered as Antique, Collector, Driver Education, Historic Military Vehicle, Hobbyist, Human Service Vehicle, Low Speed Vehicle, Medal of Honor, Municipal, State-Owned or Special X, and one vehicle with Ex-Prisoner Of War registration issued to any qualified individual.
- Any vehicle with registration issued by a Wisconsin Indian tribe or band.
- Vehicles displaying Dealer, Distributor, Finance Company or Manufacturer plates.
- A motor vehicle which is a replacement for a motor vehicle for which a current city vehicle registration fee has been paid. (The replacement vehicle will be subject to the fee upon the annual registration.)

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1. When was Wisconsin Legislation passed to allow this fee?
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8. Which vehicles are subject to the fee?
9. Are any vehicles exempt?
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11. My vehicle is not located in the City of Lodi. Why did I receive this fee?
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